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Hey there! Welcome to CP KIDS! We love getting to walk alongside your kids in our Ministry. It is our heart to encourage them along in Discovery, Development, Vibrant-Faith, Joy-Filled Community, and Connection!

Our CP KIDS team of volunteers are more than just childcare workers. Their heartbeat is to engage with kids as they take their next steps in faith! Whether you are in our 0-2YR. old room or 4th grade room, you will see an incredible team investing in the lives of your children. On a Sunday morning, your first stop will be at the Check-In-Kiosk located in the Commons. You will be assisted by one of our volunteers who will help you register or use our computerized check-in system. They will also be able to help you find answers to any questions you may have. We encourage you to arrive 15 min early on your first visit to make sure you have enough time to feel comfortable and make it to the service on time.

On a Sunday morning, you can expect to sign your kids in at our Check-In Kiosk once you walk in the door! If your kids are 0-5 yrs old (Pre-K), you can bring them straight to our DOWNTOWN classrooms after checking in!

If they are in K- 4th grade they will join you for worship after checking in. After Worship a CP KIDS leader will bring them to UPTOWN for Kids Church time!

We look forward to walking alongside your kids!


Most frequent questions and answers

CenterPoint uses a couple specific measures to help ensure a safe and secure environment.

1. CP Kids Check-In. Your first stop on a Sunday morning will be at the CP Kids Check-in. You’ll be guided through a simple process to register your child. They will receive a name tag with an ID number and you will take a matching sticker with the same ID number. When you pick them up from their room at the end of the service, a CP Kids volunteer will check their tag and your sticker to make sure the ID numbers match.  Only the adult holding the ID tag will be able to pick up your child.

2. All CP Kids volunteers go through an application process which includes a background check. They also receive training on best practices for creating a safe and secure environment.

3. CP Kids has a safety team on Sunday mornings.  Fifteen minutes after the start of each of our morning services the hallway doors leading to our CP Kids areas are locked.  We are a downtown campus and want to make sure that only approved individuals are in any rooms with our children.  Doors are reopened at the end of each service. In addition to the safety team, all kids areas are equipped with security cameras.

While kids are certainly welcomed in the service, when you are comfortable, we encourage you to give our CP Kids environments a try. We hope to create an environment in CP Kids where your children will love to attend and return each week. Not only does it allow you the chance to grow with a few less distractions, but it also gives your child the best opportunity to learn and grow in an environment created specifically with them in mind! Ultimately the choice is yours, but if we can do anything to assist you further let us know.

Your child’s ID number not only helps us with security, but it also serves as subtle and simple way for us to request your assistance with your child. If you are needed during the service, the ID number of your child will appear on the bottom of the screens at the front of the Worship Center. You can then exit to the Commons where a staff member will take you to your child.

Due to allergy issues and in order to use our CP Kids time most effectively, we do not serve snacks during the services. Occasionally there is a special treat.  Parents will be notified prior or the treat will be given at the end of the service in order for parents to approve before it is consumed

Let’s talk about it! Before attending a service at CenterPoint you are welcome to email Lauren at Lauren@centerpointnh.org

She would love to hear from you. Knowing ahead of time helps us to be able to care best for your family.


We believe EVERY student needs a safe space to find Jesus and Jesus centered community
regardless of where you are on your faith journey. Bring your full and authentic self and know you’ll find friends and caring adults who desire nothing more than to be a champion for you in your next steps!

CP Students is made up of Tribe 56 & 78 (5th-8th grade) and Tribe High School (9th-12th grade). Our aim is to inspire, equip, and release our students to live and share a life-changing relationship with Jesus and here are the environments we offer:

Sunday Mornings: All of CP Students (5th-12th grade) participate in the main worship gathering with their families on Sunday. For anyone interested, there is a table in the back of the worship center with worship notes and coloring sheets. If you are thinking there would be interest, as a family, to serve during one of our services, we’d love to be able to help you find a great spot to do that!

Tuesday Evenings: All CP Students will be meeting weekly at CenterPoint Tuesday evenings. Tribe 56 & 78 (5th-8th graders) will meet from 6 to 8pm. High school (9th-12th grades) will meet from 6:30 to 8:30pm. We’ve got games, friends, and more importantly small groups where we get the chance to dig even deeper into community and conversations around God’s Word! While there will be some general overlap of Tribe 56 & 78 students and High School students, they will have separate games and small group times.

Events: As we think of our desire to create spaces for Students to find Jesus and Jesus centered community, we know that it’s important to find ways of continuing to build relationships even outside of our weekly gathering…To create avenues for students to bring friends who might not otherwise come to church. These events are strategic in nature and will span from a highly relational and silly Christmas party to a weekend get away to grow in our faith to a missions or outreach event.

Note To CP Parents

There are 168 hours in a week. With only 1-2 hours of those being spent at church we know the home is where the true discipleship is happening. Recognizing that the parents will always be the lead role in discipling kids, we want to help inspire, equip, and release you to live and share a life changing relationship with Jesus as you are imparting that on your kids as well. 

Check out some resources here or in the Commons at CenterPoint, contact us if you have any questions, and keep an eye out for other parent opportunities coming. Click below to get in touch.


New Student Form

New Kid Form

Permission form:


1.) CenterPoint Family Connect Facebook Group
2.) axis.org
3.) theparentcue.org
4.) Book Recommendation: Habits of the Household by Justin Whitmel Earley.

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What to expect…

·        Group of attenders in worship center 100+.

·        Seating will be set up for people to choose their own social distancing.

·        We are following CDC guidelines for masking.

·       Please screen each member of your family PRIOR to coming to 20 North State St using the questions below.

Screening Questions

i.               Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?

ii.              Have you had a fever or felt feverish in the last 72 hours/3 days?

iii.            Are you experiencing any respiratory symptoms including, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose or shortness of breath?

iv.            Are you experiencing any new muscle aches or chills?

v.              Have you experienced any new change in your sense of taste or smell?


We love that you’re here! The Leaders of CenterPoint would like the chance to get to know you and share how you can be a part of all that God is doing in our community.