Your Next Step

Baptism Overview:

Next Step:

For anyone who has decided to follow Jesus, Baptism is a great next step. While Baptism does NOT save you, it does convey that you’ve accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Why Baptism:

In the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus commands us to baptize believers, to show obedience and submission to Him. Jesus was baptized as an example for us (Matthew 3:13-17), and our baptism publicly identifies us as a follower of Christ.

The When:

Baptism is the pathway of obedience that is laid out in the books of Acts which records people being baptized after accepting Jesus in their lives (Acts 2:41; 8:35-38; 9:18; 10:48; 16:15,33; 18:8)

The What:

Baptism proclaims our identity and new life in Christ, made possible by His death and resurrection (Romans 6:3-4). Going under the water symbolizes our old life being buried with Christ, and coming out of the water symbolizes our new life raised with Christ. We follow the principle of immersion in the act of baptism.

The How:

If you wish to pursue baptism, speak with a staff member or elder and let them know you are interested. You can also express your interest by emailing us at or you can fill out a Live It Share It card on the website or on a card in the worship center and drop it in one of the offering boxes.

What Comes Next:

Congratulations, we look forward to supporting you on your journey with Jesus. Keep digging into the Bible, get connected with a Group, serve on a Team, share your journey with others knowing that you’re following the example of Jesus. The church is here to encourage and support you so don’t hesitate to let us know questions you may have about your journey. God has great things in store for you!


You can speak with any staff member or elder and let them know you’re interested in baptism. You can also email us at and let us know your interest.

We ask you wear something you don’t mind getting completely wet. We will provide you with a CenterPoint T-shirt to wear. Most people find it helpful to wear a dark pair of shorts. You should also bring a towel and a change of clothes for after. There will be a changing room available to you.

An email with logistics will be sent to everyone getting baptized at least one week prior to the baptism service. We will ask you to arrive with plenty of time for us to show you where to put your change of clothes, to walk you through the service information, and to show you each step of the baptism process.

Group Statement

We invite all of those being baptized to come forward together to provide a verbal “yes” to the following statements prior to being baptized:

  1. I am forgiven of my sin through faith in Jesus’ death on the cross.
  2. I submit myself to Jesus and commit to follow Him and His way of life as witness of His resurrection.
  3. By being baptized today, I am publicly identifying myself with the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Individual Stories

Each individual has the opportunity to share their story of coming to know Jesus for 2 to 3 minutes prior to their baptism. We would love for you to publicly share your own story. However, we recognize that public speaking can be challenging for some. You can choose to share your story yourself, have another follower of Jesus share it on your behalf, or arrange a time to record it on video. Remember, this is a day to celebrate and rejoice in what Jesus has done and continues to do in your life!

Way to go! We look forward to supporting you on your journey with Jesus. Keep digging into the Bible, get connected in a group, serve on a team, share your faith with others in love, and keep stoking the fire of your soul! Please know that you have a church that loves you. We are hear to encourage and support you. Don’t hesitate to let us know if and when you have any questions. We are excited to see all that God has in store for you!


1.) CenterPoint Family Connect Facebook Group
4.) Book Recommendation: Habits of the Household by Justin Whitmel Earley.

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We love that you’re here! Our follow-up team would love to have the opportunity to get to know you and share how you can be a part of what God is doing in our community.

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What to expect…

·        Group of attenders in worship center 100+.

·        Seating will be set up for people to choose their own social distancing.

·        We are following CDC guidelines for masking.

·       Please screen each member of your family PRIOR to coming to 20 North State St using the questions below.

Screening Questions

i.               Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?

ii.              Have you had a fever or felt feverish in the last 72 hours/3 days?

iii.            Are you experiencing any respiratory symptoms including, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose or shortness of breath?

iv.            Are you experiencing any new muscle aches or chills?

v.              Have you experienced any new change in your sense of taste or smell?


We love that you’re here! The Leaders of CenterPoint would like the chance to get to know you and share how you can be a part of all that God is doing in our community.