New to CenterPoint / FAQs


  1. Q. :

    Do you have a dress code?

    There is no dress code to attend. You will find a wide array of dress styles on any Sunday morning. Some people enjoy "dressing up" while others come in more casual attire. Our concern is not really how you dress but to see that you have an opportunity to grow.

  2. Q. :

    How long am I committing to be a part of a group?

    We ask you to commit for one season with your group. The schedule for our Community Groups typically reflects the rhythms of life, meeting consistently once a week for 10-12 weeks during the spring and fall. Sometimes our Community Groups also get together during the "off-seasons" for informal get-togethers, dinners, cookouts, day trips, service opportunities, or whatever else they decide to do.

  3. Q. :

    How long are the services?

    The services are generally about an hour and ten minutes.

  4. Q. :

    What day and time are your services?

    We have two services on Sunday mornings. One at 9am and another at 10:45am. There are growth environments for children from birth to grade 5 during both services.

  5. Q. :

    When do Community Groups meet during the week?

    Groups meet on a weekly basis at various times. Typically groups will meet for a couple of hours during the evening on a Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

  6. Q. :

    Where do Community Groups meet?

    Groups usually meet in a home. Each group has a host who has offered to have the group in their home each week. We believe this provides the best environment for groups to interact and grow.

  7. Q. :

    Do children attend service with you?

    While children are welcome to attend a service with parents, we encourage you to have your children engage in an excellent and age appropriate growth environments in our KidZone. This allows the best opportunity for their own growth as well as limiting potential distractions for others in the service. Read more about KidZone here.

  8. Q. :

    Do I have to be a member to attend?

    No! We encourage anyone and everyone to join us on Sunday mornings. To read more about membership, click here.

  9. Q. :

    How do I get into The City?

    Follow these five simple steps to activate your account:
    1. Stop by the City Kiosk in the Commons or follow this link here.
    2. Enter your email address.
    3. Check your email inbox and follow the link in your confirmation email.
    4. Enter your name and confirm your email address.
    5. Log in and set up your notifications preferences.

  10. Q. :

    How much control do I have over email notifications?

    One of the great features of The City is your control over notifications. You can receive a "daily digest" which would give you a recap of the activity in your group from that day (if there was any). Another option is to receive an immediate update any time something new is posted. Or you can receive a notification when anything at all is posted in your group (i.e. a new event, a comment on a topic, etc.). You can adjust your individual settings for each group that you are a part of.

  11. Q. :

    Is my information safe?

    Simply stated, "Yes!" Beyond the fact that you only make available whatever information you want to share, The City is a secure site open only to the people in our CenterPoint family.

  12. Q. :

    Is The City just Facebook for the church?

    To state it simply, No. We believe "The City" has a far greater capacity to help us engage in the life at CenterPoint. One of the distinct differences is that "The City" is designed to connect groups and teams that exist in real-life. To share important information, plan activities and events, get involved in service opportunities, and extend God's love to the world.

  13. Q. :

    What can I expect on a Sunday morning visit?

    We hope you'll experience an open, welcoming, and friendly environment that encourages you to want to come back! Our times together are purposeful and driven by our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ. You can find out more about this question here.

  14. Q. :

    What do you believe?

    Check out the information on Our Values page. If you're looking for more information about our beliefs, feel free to contact us.

  15. Q. :

    Why would I want to join "The City"?

    First, let's set the backdrop of the world we live in. Life is pulling us in many directions. As a result of geography and schedules we don't get to interact with other people at CenterPoint everyday. The City provides an opportunity to extend group and team relationships while we're apart. One of the main benefits we see is an increased ability to connect with each other.

    The other main benefit is that it will help you know what's going on with more clarity and efficiency. While we have endless opportunities and means to pass along information, the important information for you can get lost in the "noise" of other less pertinent information. In other words, what you want to know may not be what everyone else needs to know! As you join the groups and teams on The City that you are already a part of in real-life, you will decide when and how much information you receive from those groups.

  16. Q. :

    What measures are taken to provide safety and security for my children?

    CenterPoint uses a couple specific measures to help ensure a safe and secure environment.

    1. KidZone Check-In. Your first stop on a Sunday morning will be at the KidZone Check-in. You'll be guided through a simple process to register your child. They will receive a name tag with an ID number and you will take a matching sticker with the same ID number. When you pick them up from their room at the end of the service, a KidZone volunteer will check their tag and your sticker to make sure the ID numbers match.  Only the adult holding the ID tag will be able to pick up your child.

    2. All KidZone volunteers go through an application process which includes a background check. They also receive training on best practices for creating a safe and secure environment.

    3. KidZone has a security team on Sunday mornings.  Fifteen minutes after the start of each of our morning services the hallway doors leading to our KidZone areas are locked.  We are a downtown campus and want to make sure that only approved individuals are in any rooms with our children.  Doors are reopened at the end of each service.

  17. Q. :

    What if I want to keep my kids with me during the service?

    While kids are certainly welcomed in the service, when you are comfortable, we encourage you to give our KidZone environments a try. We hope to create an environment in KidZone where your children will love to attend and return each week. Not only does it allow you the chance to grow with a few less distractions, but it also gives your child the best opportunity to learn and grow in an environment created specifically with them in mind! Ultimately the choice is yours, but if we can do anything to assist you further let us know.

  18. Q. :

    How will I know if my child needs me during the service?

    Your child's ID number not only helps us with security, but it also serves as subtle and simple way for us to request your assistance with your child. If you are needed during the service, the ID number of your child will appear on the bottom of the screens at the front of the Worship Center.  You may also choose to receive a text message if you are needed.  Please make sure that you leave your current cell number at the KidZone registration desk.

  19. Q. :

    Are snacks served to the kids during the services?

    Due to allergy issues and in order to use our KidZone time most effectively, we do not serve snacks during the services.  Occasionally there is a special treat.  Parents will be notified prior or the treat will be given at the end of the service in order for parents to approve before it is consumed.