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At Mom to Mom, we’re all about encouraging moms. 

We believe being a mom is one of the most significant things you can ever do and also one of the most demanding.  The challenges of motherhood can change all aspects of your life, from your identity, to your marriage, to you relationship with God.  At times the challenges can seem overwhelming!  At Mom to Mom, we want you to know that you don’t have to be alone as you face these challenges. We want to support you in a number of ways.  Perhaps most important, we offer an opportunity for you to connect with other moms who are experiencing some of the same issues that you face.  While you’re connecting, your child will have fun too. We have a wonderful team who lovingly cares for you child at no cost to you.
We use a DVD based curriculum that is biblically based and a springboard for your discussions.  Don’t let the word curriculum scare you.  We know that as a mom of young children, you probably don’t have time for any homework and you don’t have to worry because there isn’t any.  Each day is topic based so you can jump right in and not feel lost even if you missed the week before.
Also, we are really excited about the supplemental content we will use at Mom to Mom this year: Birds on a Wire by Karen Stubbs, a book review of ‘The Collapse of Parenting’ by Leonard Sax, and we are currently lining up some guest speakers.  
Some of this years topics are:
  • How to be a mother and a person, too.
  • Keys to keeping your marriage alive while raising children.
  • Discipline strategies.
  • Passing on a legacy of faith.
Mom to Mom meets on Tuesdays at CenterPoint Church from 9:00-11:00 in the morning and starts September 12th, 2017
If you would like to know more or want to invite a friend, contact Susan O’Neil at onos4@comcast.net or call CenterPoint Church at 603.224.7427