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One of the ways you can get more involved in life at CenterPoint is through our groups. If you’ve been coming to CenterPoint for any number of weeks, months or years and you are looking for an easy onramp into life and relationships at CenterPoint, Launch may be a good fit. Check out more information about this Sunday morning group environment that meets each week at 9am.

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Or maybe you are interested in some of the other groups that gather throughout the year to discover what it means to live and share a life-changing relationship with Jesus together.  Contact us for more information about Groups sign up here.


Here are some FAQ's about Community Groups:

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    How long am I committing to be a part of a group?

    We ask you to commit for one season with your group. The schedule for our Community Groups typically reflects the rhythms of life, meeting consistently once a week for 10-12 weeks during the spring and fall. Sometimes our Community Groups also get together during the "off-seasons" for informal get-togethers, dinners, cookouts, day trips, service opportunities, or whatever else they decide to do.

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    When do Groups meet during the week?

    Groups meet on a weekly basis at various times. Typically groups will meet for a couple of hours during the evening on a Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

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    Where do Groups meet?

    Groups usually meet in a home. Each group has a host who has offered to have the group in their home each week. We believe this provides the best environment for groups to interact and grow.

Contact us for more information on Community Groups

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Our office is closed on Mondays. However, staff can be contacted by email and someone from the staff will be on call to check messages on the church answering machine each Monday.