We need to TALK

CenterPoint Church offers couple-to-couple conversations with Married Life Mentors. This is not counselling, it is friendship. Sometimes a listening ear and simple feedback from friends is all we need to sort our priorities and find encouragement. If you would like to arrange a private ZOOM meeting with one of our couples, fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon to find the best time to chat. In the meantime, consider looking at some of the suggested resources for married life.

Married Life Mentors are experienced couples in our church community who are dedicated to following Jesus and his design for marriage and family as laid out in the Bible. We are real people. We make mistakes in our marriages, but we get back on our feet and we seek the Lord’s grace and truth to renew our minds through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Are you looking for Pre-Marital Counseling or Marriage Counseling?

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We highly recommend FAMILY LIFE ministry for all marriage and family topics as a comprehensive resource founded on Biblical principles. They offer a collection of articles and podcasts that provide everything from encouragement to dealing with traumatic events.

We need a GROUP

Glad you are here, a great choice for a healthy marriage! The truth is that we all need a small group of friends to maintain a marriage that is pleasing to God. Too many couples try to tackle the issues of marriage alone and isolation can lead to serious problems. The good news is that it is never too late to surround your marriage with trusted friends who also believe and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and use the Bible as the ultimate guide for navigating their behavior and relationships. To request participation in a small group study, fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon with dates and times for the next available session.


Small Group ZOOM Video and Discussion Group

The six-week event weaves together expert teaching from many pastors, real-life stories, humorous skits, interviews, and much more to portray both the challenges and the beauty of God’s design. An accompanying manual includes projects, articles, and tips to help couples practice what they learn. This study will be led by an experienced CP Married Life Mentor couple.

The six sessions are:

  • Love Happens: God’s Purpose and Plan Preview this 23 minute video NOW!

  • Love Fades: Overcoming Isolation

  • Love Dances: Fulfilling Our Responsibilities

  • Love Interrupted: Communication and Conflict

  • Love Sizzles: Experiencing Real Intimacy

  • Love Always: Leaving a Lasting Legacy


Small Group ZOOM Video and Discussion Group

Plan to connect more deeply with God and one another facilitated through video by Dave and Ann Wilson in this five-week event. Vertical Marriage small-group study includes humorous and relatable video sessions followed by group discussion and an intentional couple’s connection. Dave and Ann share intimate details of their own stories and join participants in practically working towards a vibrant marriage on a foundation of active faith. This study will be led by an experienced CP Married Life Mentor couple.

The five sessions are:

  • The Elusive Secret – Focus on your relationship with God first

  • Fight Like a Man! – Having and Resolving Conflict

  • To Cheer and Cherish – Top relationship needs for men and women

  • God in the Bedroom – Physical Intimacy

  • All In! – Committing to be “All In” with God, your marriage, and your mission

Date Night Ideas

⚡Made from Scratch

Cook dinner together. Dig into that pantry and find the ingredients for your favorite meal (or something new) and make it together. If you have kids, make them dinner first, then scoot them off to their fun spot so you can have some privacy. Do the dishes together after, too. When you say grace together, pray a prayer of thanks for your mate and for the opportunity to share a meal together.

🕰️ Lids and Ladles

Contact your local food pantry and figure out the best way you can serve together at an upcoming public event. After the event, pray for the Lord’s guidance in understanding your personal misconceptions about the homeless in your community.

⚡ Memory Lane

Grab your favorite snack and go through your wedding pictures and videos and enjoy the memories together. Laugh a lot! Pray together for the special people that supported you during your wedding day.

🕰️ LOF

Instead of going to the mechanic, Lube, Oil, and Filter your car together. Get under there and take control. You got this! Pray together for your regular mechanics and thank God for their skills in keeping your car humming.

⚡Picnic Paradise

Pick up some excellent food and find an isolated spot to picnic, preferably a place that you find awe-inspiring and peaceful. Pray together for this spot and thank God for providing such places in our otherwise busy lives.


Spend two hours on the couch together (when the house is quiet) with no TV, cell phones, computers, etc. and just talk. Listen carefully to your mate, ask questions to draw out thoughts. Reflect on the day, the week, the month, the year, the decade. There is always more to talk about. Pray for each other and the daily struggles your mate faces each day. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance with that particular struggle you are facing tomorrow and for strength to overcome this struggle with grace and truth.

🕰️ Take a Hike

Gauge this activity to your skill level and time available. Consider finding another couple that is into hiking and do this together. Could be a 1 mile easy hike with a nice view or a major weekend excursion. Thank God for his beautiful creation and look for opportunities on your hike to meet others and give them encouragement. True peace comes from serving others with love and grace.


Yup, look up a recipe for Play-Doh! and make it together. Ummm, do you need more instruction….play with it! If it does not work, re-do the process to improve the recipe. When you are done with it, pray for the Lord’s guidance to inspire you who to gift the Play-Doh! to. When you think of someone, wrap it up and deliver with a kind note.

⚡Romantic Game Night

Pull out a favorite 2-person game and add a romantic twist (when the house is quiet). Use your imagination to modify the rules. Y’know, something that strips away your inhibitions! The next morning, pray together a prayer of thanks for the fun you had together.


Play some of your favorite music and dance together. If a disability keeps you from typical dancing, be creative in your approach. If you are not good at dancing, look up an online lesson series and take the lessons together over the next month, then dance together. Say a prayer of thanks and praise to the Lord that you can dance together with freedom and joy.

🕰️Throw Stars

Literally. Order a set of ninja throwing stars and a target board. Practice safety and become master throwers together. Pray for God to reveal another couple with whom you can share your fun. Encourage them to join your secret society and practice this ancient and mysterious craft. Choose a fantasy name for your order using this website generator. Oh, you can’t use The Order of the Abandoned Fruit, it’s already taken.


Do art together. Sculpt, paint, draw, whatever. Carving soap works. If you need to boost your art skills, look for lessons online together. Pray for art to inspire many around the world and thank God for artists who have special gifts.


If you have the patience or need to learn patience, order some origami paper (regular paper does not work well) and try your hands at this ancient Japanese art form. Make a set of Christmas ornaments for your tree this year. Pray for your neighbor’s health and safety and prepare 6 new ornaments for them, too. When you package them up and deliver, be sure to mention in person or in writing that you pray for them to be healthy and safe.


Write a haiku that captures how much you love your spouse. Memorize yours and declare it to your mate in a romantic pose. Say your haiku as a prayer of celebration for love and marriage.

🕰️Garden Party

Plant and raise a favorite vegetable from seed together, then enjoy it for dinner 78 days later. Before the meal, thank Jesus for such good food that you were able to grow with your own hands.

🕰️Poultry Party

Investigate what it takes to raise chickens and start your flock! Fresh eggs whenever you want them, perfect for a sustainable future. Pray for children around the world who are going to bed hungry and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in supporting a child in need. Watch over the next week for an opportunity to be apparent. The Lord’s is always working, we simply need to have our eyes opened to come along side him.


Investigate the cultural significance of this Hindu festival, make a beautiful rangoli, and make an exquisite Indian meal. Pray for the subcontinent of India and for the light of Christ Jesus to shine into the darkest places through faithful missionaries ministering to the Indian people.

⚡The Spa is Open

Plan TWO different spa nights, one for her and the other for him. Do the works: candles, soft music, foot scrub, and full body massage. Thank the Lord for simple pleasures in life.

🕰️Green Thumbs?

Investigate a local plant nursery and find a fruit tree that you can plant and nurture together. We recommend a Reliance Peach tree! When you plant the tree, say a prayer of dedication for a special purpose. The tree can serve as a reminder of your wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, or other cherished event in your life together.

🕰️Waterfall Hunt

From Arethusa to Zealand, there are a hundred waterfalls worth visiting in New Hampshire. Good luck! When you find your first waterfall, thank the Lord for the way fresh water moves throughout our landscape nourishing life according to God’s great invention – The Water Cycle!

🕰️Covered Bridge Hunt

Covered bridges in NH are charming and romantic. Some make great picnic spots! Visit the Swift River Bridge in Conway, NH constructed in 1870 and thank Jesus for the 150 year technological marvel this bridge represents. Imagine how this bridge made life easier for so many throughout its legacy and pray that this be an apt metaphor for your marriage legacy. Who will look back at your marriage and be thankful for the integrity and support you provided over many years, free of judgement or condemnation?

⚡Old Music

Pull out that instrument and clean the dust off. Play a tune with (or for) your mate. Thank God for music and reflect for a few minutes on how this music helped you when you were younger.

🕰️New Music

Time to learn something new! Look on a local search engine for free or cheap musical instruments for each other and learn how to play them together. Pray for an opportunity to use this new instrument to build friendships and be mindful of open doors. It may be a child, a grandparent, a shop owner, or a neighbor. Enter this friendship together and stay the course.

⚡Read Aloud

Pick the right novel to read together, exchange reading out loud with each chapter. As you read each time, reflect on the ideas and ask the Holy Spirit to open your mind to understand how your heart is being shaped or transformed by this story.

⚡Photo Magic

Find the right spot to frame the illusion that you are holding your spouse in your hand. Exchange the pose and publish the pics for your wall. When you see these photos, say a prayer of thanks that your mate is holding you in their hand with faith, hope, and love.

. 🕰️Frisbee Golf

Yes, it’s a thing. There are over 40 courses in New Hampshire, inexpensive to play and they often have loaner gear. Play a round of 18 holes and say a prayer of thanks for the people who invest their time and effort sculpting the natural course through the fields and forests.

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