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Launch is the entryway into life and relationships at CenterPoint. We want to provide an easily accessible entry point for experiencing and learning what it means to live and share a life-changing relationship with Jesus… together.


Being a part of CenterPoint is discovering what it means to be family together. Whether you are brand new and looking for a way to meet new people or you've been here for a while but haven’t been connected in a group or ministry team, Launch is great environment for you to discover and experience what it means to be family.


With a blend of large group teaching and small group engagement, each week you will be inspired and equipped to take your next step in a life-changing relationship with Jesus. You will be encouraged to dig deeper into your faith and God’s wisdom, seeing your heart shaped to be more like Jesus’ heart.


As you experience all of this and then go into the places where you live, work, and play you’ll start to see the way God wants to use you to share what He has given you with everyone else around you! You will be launched into a life of greater purpose and mission!

Sundays at 9-10am in the Gymnasium (October - May) Launch will start back up in the Fall 2017.

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