Live generously and help those in the greatest need.
As we gather together on a Sunday Morning or in our Community Groups, it's important for us to remember that the outcome of our growth will generous living. Through various partnerships with organizations locally, regionally, and globally we are engaging in an effort to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

While we encourage each person at CenterPoint to engage in Missional Living every day, here are some of our partner organizations that we support on an ongoing basis by providing a variety of resources depending on the needs:

Boys and Girls Club of Concord
Discovery Hour
Mentoring Volunteers
Project/Event Volunteers
Contact: Jim Hochberg (email)
Christa McAuliffe Elementary School
Classroom Volunteers
Project Volunteers
Backpack and Boots Donations
Contact: Jenn Doherty (email)
CenterPoint Pantry
Pantry Item Donations
1st and/or 3rd Saturdays Volunteers
Food Pick-up Volunteers
Project Volunteers
Contact: Rex Heitz (email)
Friendly Kitchen
4th Sunday Meal Prep Volunteers
4th Sunday Meal Serving Volunteers
Contact: Diane Wells (email)
Rise Again Outreach
Clothing Donations
Saturday Outreach Volunteers
Contact: Keith Daigneault (email)
Living Fields Church (Lynn, MA)
Ministry and Evangelism Trips (week long or day trips)
Work Project Trips (week long or day trips)

One Vision International (Haiti)
Child Sponsorships
Awareness and Service Trips

World Vision Greater Boston Aids Africa
Financial Donations
Kit Packing Participants
Serving Team Volunteers

Career Missionaries